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Well...I really don't have much to say...I like drawing anime-style. I want to be an elementary school teacher for 5th or 6th grade or so. It's ironic, then, that I'm taking calculus next year (I'll be a high school). I don't particularly like my AP world history class. I'm a grammar nazi. I respond to Capri or Jaleiely or Jae (on the interwebs). I wrote this at 12:30 in the morning; that's why it's so scattered. Derp. I like Neopets. And PokeFarm. Send me a message here if you want an account on either, and I'll give you my username (so you can refer me...or be my friend :P). The Mentalist is awesome. DA is slightly confusing to me. My account is older than it should be (i.e. I have only used it for like two months, out of six, as of now). I start writing long stories then give them up (it's tragic). Memes are slightly addicting. Sailor Moon is awesome. So is Disney. Contrary to what my first original meme may imply, I have not heard, let alone liked, many songs older than the year 2000. I want a tablet. I need a job. I'm probably getting one this summer. I swim. Many of the "popular" things didn't pique my interest at all, or if they did, it was long after their peak (at least within my peers). Examples of this are Pokemon...that's all I can think of off hand. I don't watch/like American Idol. I'm going to buy a lottery ticket on my eighteenth birthday while I'm still technically seventeen (the badass moment of my life xD). I want to/am going to be on Big Brother season 18 (assuming it survives that long) with my awesome friend, Beliza (that's her pen name, btw). I suck at drawing anything realistic (except sometimes hands). I suck at drawing pretty much anything except anime teenage girls in three-quarters view. I suck at drawing feet/shoes, too. I'm going to take the ACT at the end of this year (my sophomore year). I live somewhere in the United States. I'm a spoiled only child.

Current Residence: my parents' house
Favourite genre of music: uhm...a...mix?
Operating System: Windows 7 ^^;
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Personal Quote: "Oh my cow!"
  • Listening to: the TV
  • Watching: local news / Jay Leno
So, I recently rediscovered my dA account. And apparently I recently discovered this journal thing. I'm not good at keeping up with blogs; I'll just warn you right here and now. Usually what happens is I make a few regular posts (like one every week or slightly less frequently), then I kinda forget and abandon it, then it sits and rots on the interwebz for all eternity until the hosting site deletes it due to extreme inactivity.

I even have unpublished vlogs. (Vlogs? Whatever.) And I can't even keep up with THOSE. Yeah, I fail.

So I came up with some drawing ideas in the shower tonight (isn't that where you get all your best ideas?), so I just finished drawing those in pencil. For real, formal drawings such as these are going to be, I draw it in pencil on crappy paper (e.g. lined paper, graph paper), then transfer it to printer paper by tracing it in a light pencil outline, then I outline THAT outline in pen so that the pencil doesn't smear. Then I color it with colored pencils after letting the ink dry. (I use a lot of ink. Even if it's a ballpoint pen, of which a black one is what I typically use. So I literally have to let it DRY for a few hours.) Then I scan it to my laptop, touch it up in Photoshop Elements if need be, and post to dA. That's what I did for Nadya (my first Seventh Sanctum contest entry). Speaking of Seventh Sanctum...

...nope, they haven't posted the winners yet.

Well I think I'm an hour ahead of dA time (which really sucks because when TV shows say 9/8c or something, you never know when it's on because the format doesn't apply to the Mountain Time Zone...basically 9/8c means it comes on at 9:00 everywhere except the Central Time Zone, where it comes on at 8:00...but that's not always true)...wait, what was I talking about again? Oh yeah. I think I'm an hour ahead of dA time because the top of the post says 9:24 PM, so I'mma go to bed.

...nah, I think I'll stay up a little while longer and watch this thing on Jay Leno about stupid criminals. I love laughing at human stupidity. Including my own. ... What? A school night? Meh, I'm fine, my AP test isn't until next Thursday.


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stickygirl999 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
welcome to da, also!
Shootingstar-pink Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2010
welcome to dA, and congrats on a first post! >w<